Movie Review: The kids are all right

By Drum Digital
03 November 2010

Rating 4/5

Human drama

With Julianne Moore, Annette Bening and Josh Hutcherson.

Director: Lisa Cholodenko. 16LNS.

Opens 11 November.

What’s it about?

Two lesbian mothers use a sperm donor to conceive kids – but when the kids reach puberty they decide to go in search of their “real” father.

Who will enjoy this?

Viewers must have an open mind when watching this moving and often funny drama about two lesbian mothers. These ladies show their relationship, marriage and rules for bringing up kids are no different from those of straight couples. What’s so remarkable about this all-too-human film is that the director shows empathy for the characters. While they’re trying to provide a “normal” upbringing for the kids, there are several other issues at play which are explored with insight and sympathy. But it’s the acting of all five actors that elevates the film to a higher status. Let your prejudices about the subject matter fly out the window and experience a film about an alternative lifestyle that could change your outlook on life. It’s gripping, touching, humorous, witty and insightful.

Wait for DVD?

Yes you can, as this is quite an intimate film and won’t lose its effectiveness or atmosphere if viewed on your plasma screen. It will broaden your horizons and make you experience a touching story through completely different eyes.

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Popcorn facts

* This is the first time Annette Bening has played a lesbian character. Q She’s married to Oscar-winner Warren Beatty.

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