Movie Review: The King's Speech

By Drum Digital
02 February 2011

Rating 5/5

True-life drama. With COLIN FIRTH, GEOFFREY RUSH and HELENA BONHAM CARTER. Director: Tom Hooper. 13ML. Opens 11 February.

What’s it about?

England’s King George VI stutters. This means it’s virtually impossible for him to make any speeches, especially on the newly-invented radio. Then an unconventional speech therapist takes him under his wing.

Who will enjoy it?

This is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and charming films ever made. It’s about an unlikely but deep friendship between two individuals from different classes that crosses all boundaries. It’s also an inspiring look at how any defect can be overcome and that with the right guidance anything can be achieved. There hasn’t been such a refeshingly brilliant movie in years. Attention is paid to the smallest detail and Tom Hooper avoids all the clichés, inspiring viewers like few directors can. A masterpiece that should be seen by everyone who thinks they’re not good enough to make their dreams come true.

Wait for DVD?

With the impending Oscars on everyone’s lips you have to see this now. Colin Firth’s tour de force and Geoffrey Rush’s sober turn make it an inspiring experience that’ll enrich your life. Similar films Julie and Julia, The Remains of the Day.

Popcorn fact

* George VI was the father of Queen Elizabeth II.

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