Moving Forward after Infidelity

By Drum Digital
02 June 2014

Dealing with a child born of infidelity

Whether you're the one who has strayed from your relationship or you're the partner who feels betrayed, if there was a child born of  infidelity, understand that your spouse will forever have a relationship with that child's other parent.

Here's some expert advice on how to deal with it:

  • Your partner will always have a relationship and contact with the other person. You have to make the decision about whether you can resolve to be part of that or not.
  • If you were the one who had the affair, you will have to have contact with the other person in order to be co-parents. And you do this the right way by not having any contact without your spouse's involvement. If you want to talk with the other person, then you do it with your spouse present.
  • If your marriage is over and you have children, understand that your relationship with your ex will never end. You will always at least be co-parents of your children. Build a new relationship as their allies.

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