Mpumi's tragic losses made her stronger

By Qhama Dayile
08 September 2016

"It was the darkest time in my life."

KwaZulu-Natal singer, Mpumi Mzombe worked hard to make sure she lives her musical dream.

With a Degree in Television Studies, Mpumi knew who she wanted to be from a young age. But things have not always been good for the Yawheh singer.

Her younger brother, Simngaye passed away suddenly from Tuberculosis (TB) in 2006 while Mpumi was living in Johannesburg and trying to find her place in the music industry. "It was the darkest time in my life. I am not over it, but my faith gets me through it every single day,” said Mpumi.

To make matters worse, while Mpumi’s family was trying to recover, they were hit by yet another tragedy in 2008. "A stranger came into our house and brutally murdered my older brother Siphephelo.”

Mpumi felt the justice system failed her family as nothing was ever done after her family opened a case. "With the strength of our mother, we managed to get through it,” she said.

Mpumi now has her own record company, Ngoma Republic where she determines the kind of music she wants to do:

"I have full control of my sound and I am grateful for all the lessons learnt."

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