Mr Price teams up with designer Anisa Mpungwe

By Drum Digital
17 October 2013

Fashion designer and Loin Cloth & Ashes owner, Anisa Mpungwe, has put together another hot range of exclusive clothing available at Mr Price.

One would assume that the spotlight is something that designer and founder of fashion house Loin Cloth & Ashes, Anisa Mpungwe, is something she is used to.

But, there seems to be more to the woman than the cloth.

The Tanzanian native recently launched her limited edition range in partnership with Mr Price and she could barely contain her emotions as the new collection was unveiled at chain store in Sandton City, Johannesburg.

Much as the attention was on the stellar pieces of clothing, Anisa placed more emphasis on something that is more close to her heart – the Redcap Foundation.

The designer, who regularly visits schools in underprivileged communities across South Africa, was inspired by children from the foundation.

The range features items with an amazing burst of colours including black, white and yellow.

The focal point of the collection is a black blazer made up of polyester and cotton – and the kids helped her create it, she says.

“The actual lining of the jacket comes from drawings that I had asked the kids from one of the schools to make during a visit,” Anisa explains. The outer part of the blazer is adorned by stars and is topped off with a zip.

She includes the kids in her work because she wants them to “Dream big, be strong and surround yourself with the right people,” Anisa says. She also admits that the children inspired the fun prints you will spot on the items.

Anisa is known for keeping her designs sleek and simple and structured.

Her latest collection presents graphic prints and sporty edgy items that are desirable and trendy.

She drew inspiration from the late 1980’s street style which, in true evolutionary fashion style, has crept its way back into our closets!

Popular favourites from the range amongst the fashion fundis who attended the launch were the bold lettered print top, the t-shirt with Anisa's portrait on the front and, of course, the loose fitting zipper blazer.

The blazer will only be available in store in a week’s time, according to Mr Price.

The Mr Price connection

Anisa is no stranger to the Mr Price brand.

In 2008 she won the ELLE New Talent Design Award which awarded her the opportunity to work with and design a range for Mr Price. Since then Anisa has grown from strength to strength.

So how was the experience different from her first?

“I’m older now, mature in my work and have a lot more experience in the industry. I’m also calmer and more in charge of the design process which allows me to experiment and express my creativity,” Anisa explains.

Mr Price is widely known for its investment in the development of local designers as it continues to create a platform for young designers to showcase their talent.

“We’ve always admired Anisa’s creativity, style, tenacity, and her passion for nurturing young talent and giving back to the community,” Joanne Frédéric, Trend Director at Mr Price says.

This is indeed an exciting time for fashion in South Africa, Frédéric adds, which he widely attributes to the unique diversity of our cultures and the influence they have on design aesthetic.

At the event, fashion guru and stylist Felipe Mazibuko strutted around in a navy jacket paired with a denim shirt and printed pants topped off with leopard slippers. “I want everything!” he said excitedly referring to Anisa's Project Limited Range.

Publicist Vista Kalipa thought the collection was incredible.

“You can still see a bit of Anisa and LCA but you can also see that she did her research and understands the Mr Price target market. I am absolutely in love with the colour combination and prints!”

Felipe added that the Mr Price men’s range also deserves attention.

“I wish Mr Price would invest in their men’s range as much as they do the ladies.”

The clothes are already selling like hot cakes and are expected to sell out in a flash.

And the verdict from our side? We absolutely love the items!

Anisa Mpungwe’s range is exclusively sold at selected Mr Price stores and online at from 17 October 2013. Items available while stocks last!

- by DRUM Fashion Team

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