Mshoza finds herself in another love triangle

By Drum Digital
18 August 2015

"That woman must relax and continue to be my man's side dish"-Mshoza.

Pretoria's Palesa Diale is accusing the Kortes hit-maker, Nomasonto 'Mshoza' Maswanganyi of stealing her boyfriend, businessman Mahanyi Hendrick Mabunda, reports Sunday World.

"That woman must relax and continue to be my man's side dish", Mshoza told the Sunday paper.

According to Sunday World, Mabunda refused to comment on Diale's claims and accusations. "I know that woman. I was introduced to her by a friend, but I don't want to comment further because she behaves like a groupie who wants fame by using my and Mshoza's names. I love Mshoza not her," he told Sunday World.

Diale says the business man has been denying his relationship with Mshoza for a while, but Mabunda stopped taking her calls. " I am deeply hurt that he says I'm acting like a groupie whereas he is the least famous guy I ever dated", she told the Sunday newspaper.

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