Mshoza’s ailing mom on life support and lobola negotiations on hold

By Qhama Dayile
01 February 2017

“Things are not looking good for my mother."

Strapped to a heart-lung machine, a respirator and unable to breathe or speak, Mshoza says seeing her mother in this state breaks her heart.

“Things are not looking good for my mother,” says the controversial kwaito artist.

Mshoza (real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi) adds: “I have given strict instructions to my family not to take her off life support because I have faith.”

Speaking exclusively to us, the 34-year-old singer says six weeks ago before her mom was hospitalised, she took her to a doctor because she was not feeling well and soon after receiving care she was back at her home in Soweto.

However, the next day Mshoza says she received a call from her uncle informing her that her mother collapsed and they phoned an ambulance to rush her to hospital.

While in hospital, Mshoza says her mother stopped breathing for 2 hours. “I don’t know what happened but she just stopped breathing for 2 hours and they tried to resuscitate her,” she explains.

Since then the singer says her mother has been on life support for six weeks but, “I have hope that my mother will recover soon”.

She says because of her mother’s condition, together with her fiancé Thuthukani Mvula, she’s decided to put their lobola negotiations on hold.

“We have to wait until my mom gets better. I can’t even celebrate my Metro FM award nomination until my mom recovers.” She’s nominated for her latest album, Abantu Bam.

She, however, does not want to divulge more on her mother’s condition.

Mshoza says she visits her mother almost every day and speaks to her.

“The doctors say she can hear me, so I will continue talking. Yesterday she blinked and that gave me even more hope,” she says.

We wish her a speedy recovery.

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