Mugabe believes white people are to blame for xenophobia

By Drum Digital
21 May 2015

Mugabe also believes that the country needs a "second liberation".

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has expressed his opinion about the issues surrounding xenophobia and he thinks the fact that white people own the majority of the land is to blame.

Mugabe was reportedly addressing the media after he visited the headquarters of the Southern African Development Community when he revealed his stance.

“It is a matter of the whites keeping things to themselves and the political dispensation brought in by Mandela, (that) did not address the question of disparities between whites and blacks, and this is what must be addressed," he reportedly told the media.

The chair of the SADC believes that the country needs a "second liberation".

“Most of the land is in the hands of the whites who are in a minority…They are not talking in their country of whites being unemployed. It is blacks who are unemployed, this is what they must address first and foremost," Mugabe reportedly said.

The head of state reportedly said that countries like Zimbabwe had overcome inequalities of land ownership and oppression.

“But if you go to SA it is a different story, we need to help them, they need another liberation,” Mugabe allegedly said.

Source: MSNnews

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