Mugabe is a better leader than Tsvangirai, says Biti

By Drum Digital
16 June 2014

Tendai Biti of Zimbabwe's official opposition MDC, says the country is better off under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe than "woman loving, bed hopping" Morgan Tsvangirai. This follows the former prime minister's numerous sex scandals being uncovered during last year's elections. Biti, who is part of the party's renewal team,  said Tsvangirai does not suit the profile of a national leader.

"We cannot run away from (President) Mugabe and go to Gumbura [Tsvangirai] who chases every woman he sees. We cannot have a Gumbura to lead the party and we cannot put faith in individuals," he said. The "Gumbura" label is a reference to leader of End Time Message Church, who was convicted of four counts of rape and possession of pornographic material. He was sentenced to 40 years in jail. On Tsvangirai's leadership and political future, Biti had choice words: "I do not know why Tsvangirai is coming up with a shadow cabinet because it is not doing anything. They are only following Tsvangirai across the country addressing rallies while not proffering solutions for the ailing economy. In any case the shadow cabinet is full of people who failed to deliver during the inclusive government. In the MDC-T, it is only I and Elton Mangoma who delivered on their mandate and President Mugabe has acknowledged that."

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