Mugabe uninjured in 'mere slip'

By Drum Digital
05 February 2015

President Robert Mugabe is uninjured after his "mere slip" at Harare International Airport and chaired a cabinet meeting unaided early on Thursday, state radio reported.

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation's Power FM quoted presidential spokesman George Charamba as saying the president was fine after his "mere slip".

Mugabe, 90, arrived at work on Thursday walking with no aid, he said.

"The president's ability to report for work without any difficulties is in direct contrast with the misrepresentation in private and western-sponsored media, who had a field day in trying to portray the trip as a huge fall," according to the report.

Mugabe fell to his hands and knees on a red carpet after stepping off a podium at Harare International Airport on Wednesday.

The Zimbabwe government has been at pains to downplay the fall, which re-ignited speculation over the ageing president's health.

The official Herald blamed a bump in the red carpet and said even Jesus would have tripped.

Pictures and memes of the president in his undignified pose have gone viral on social media under the hash tag #MugabeFalls. The pictures have prompted mixed reactions from Zimbabweans.

Lawyer and rights activist Rumbidzai Dube said in a blog post on Thursday: "The trip and fall symbolises to many the downfall of an untouchable figure. In a moment of his weakness, those who ordinarily have no voice saw their opportunity to lash back."


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