Musiq Soulchild to perform at Jozi Summer Shine Festival

By Drum Digital
09 December 2015

Showcasing the finest in top-end whiskey and wine, food and music, the inaugural Jozi Summer Shine Festival is destined to be a spectacle.

By Mpho Tshikhudo

It’s now being announced that exceptional international R&B legend Musiq Soulchild will be appearing at the event.

This multi-award winning performer has had two platinum albums and two gold albums. As well as winning awards from top industry establishments such as Billboard and BET, he’s earned nominations from MTV and 11 Grammy nominations. This performance is one of the most anticipated international live acts of 2015. Mpho Tshikhudo caught up with him.

What does this show mean to you?

It means a lot to me because I’ve been trying to get out to South Africa for a while now. I’ve got a lot of support there and I definitely want to let them know how much I appreciate the love and support. And to come out there and perform these songs that I know that they love means a lot to me and I just want to get out there. So that’s what this means to me. I’m really looking forward to coming out there.

Is this your first time in South Africa?

No, this will be my third time, actually. But I definitely need to come out there even more than I have.

What has been your prior knowledge of South African music? Are there any South African musicians whose works you’re familiar with? 

Not really. There are things that I’ve heard about throughout the years that I can’t recall at the moment. However I do remember liking whatever it is that I do hear coming out of South Africa. I’m really looking forward to finding out more.

Can you tell us about the band you’re bringing to South Africa?

I wasn’t able to bring my full band but I have a four-piece band for this show: drummer, bass player, keyboard player and guitar player. We are going to give you guys the best show that we can give you with the time that we have. The band are just some awesome musicians from Atlanta – well, most of them. You know, we have a lot of fun on and off stage.

Jozi Summer Shine Festival is brought to us by Breakout Management in association with Kaya FM Dance Ritual, Castle Milk Stout and Castle Milk Stout Chocolate Infused and is to take place on Sunday, 13 December at Marks Park in Johannesburg. 

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