My beautiful Ruby (1/7)

By Drum Digital
20 July 2015

Jessica was heartbroken when she found a letter to a girl in her boyfriend’s blazer.

Jessica tied her school tie around her forehead. She always did that when she was feeling good. And this afternoon, she was feeling very good. “Oh man!” she said, shaking her head so the ends of her school tie swung across her shoulder. “This is what life’s about!” Here she was at her boyfriend’s house and they were alone. His mother and all his brothers were out. And they didn’t have much homework, even though they were both in Matric and it was late July. There was just an English essay for Mrs Radebe and some Maths exercises for Mr Dlamini.

Jessica’s boyfriend, JP, said, “How about some Coke?” He stood up and went through to the kitchen. “Thanks, JP,” Jessica called after him. JP was the best boyfriend she’d ever had. Tall, handsome and clever – very clever. He always got the highest marks in class – especially in English. Mrs Radebe said he was a born writer and she saw great things in his future.

JP was in the kitchen now. Jessica heard him opening the fridge. She saw his school blazer was lying where he’d thrown it on the table. She picked it up, wanting to hang it neatly over the chair. And that was when she saw the letter.

To be continued...

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