My beautiful Ruby (3/7)

By Drum Digital
22 July 2015

Jessica was heartbroken when she found a letter to a girl in her boyfriend’s blazer.

How could JP do this to her? For six months he had said she was the only one. And now? Did JP think he was so clever that he could be with this Ruby and Jessica wouldn’t find out?

Jessica ran to her friend’s house. Lebo was her closest friend from way back in Grade 1. Lebo would help. Jessica found Lebo in her bedroom, busy writing her English essay for Mrs Radebe. But when Lebo saw how upset Jessica was, she put down her pen. “Jessica! What’s the matter, girlfriend? What’s happened?” Lebo asked. She listened as Jessica told her about the letter to Ruby. Then she shook her head. “Why don’t you talk to JP? Why don’t you ask him what’s going on?”

Now it was Jessica who shook her head. “He’ll just make up some excuse, Lebo. You know how clever he is.” Lebo rubbed Jessica’s arm gently. “Maybe it’s a letter he wrote long ago. Have you thought of that?”

Jessica went home. No one understood, not even her best friend! She took out her books to do her homework. She tried to begin the essay for Mrs Radebe. Mrs Radebe wanted an essay about HIV/Aids. “I want you to write an essay that will show how devastating Aids is,” Mrs Radebe had said.

To be continued...

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