My beautiful Ruby (4/7)

By Drum Digital
23 July 2015

Jessica was heartbroken when she found a letter to a girl in her boyfriend’s blazer.

“Then we’ll put all the best essays up on the notice board next to Mr Mlangene’s office.” But Jessica couldn’t concentrate. All she could think about was JP picking up his pen and writing, My beautiful Ruby . . . Perhaps he had met this Ruby on the choir trip? Last month JP had gone with the choir to a competition in Bloemfontein. They’d been gone 10 days. Was this Ruby in one of the other school choirs?

Jessica tried to remember how JP had acted when he got off the bus at the end of the trip. Had he acted guilty? She couldn’t remember. But he had been very tired – she remembered that! “I’m exhausted,” he had said with his sleeping bag slung over his back. “I must just get home and sleep, Jessica.”

And why was he so exhausted? Was it because he’d stayed up all night with this Ruby? It made Jessica feel sick. She threw her pen down. Who cared about Mrs Radebe’s essay? Who needed to write sad stories when real life was so devastating? She could hear JP now, calling to her from the road. “Jessica, what’s wrong? Talk to me, baby.” How dare he call her “baby” when he had spent a whole night with some girl called Ruby?

To be continued...

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