My beautiful Ruby (6/7)

By Drum Digital
24 July 2015

Jessica was heartbroken when she found a letter to a girl in her boyfriend’s blazer.

But she walked straight past him and into the classroom. It was English first period and she was going to be in trouble for not writing Mrs Radebe’s essay. But she didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore. She didn’t even care about the Matric exams any longer.

Lebo came to sit beside her. “So, girlfriend? Did you talk to JP? Did you find out about the letter?” Jessica shook her head. She could hardly speak. If she opened her mouth, she would probably start crying again. The bell rang and Mrs Radebe walked in. “Good morning, people. I hope you have some good essays for me. JP, let’s hear yours. I’m sure you have something wonderful as always.”

Jessica watched as JP stood up. He was so tall, so handsome and so clever! And she loved him so much! How was she going to get through the rest of the year, seeing him every day and knowing he loved someone else? And there he was, reading his essay in a strong, clear voice. Jessica turned to look out of the window. The trees beside the school fence were bare and dry with the winter cold. They looked as bare and dry as her heart felt. She tried to block out JP’s voice as he read his essay. But it was difficult.

To be continued...

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