My beautiful Ruby (7/7)

By Drum Digital
24 July 2015

Jessica was heartbroken when she found a letter to a girl in her boyfriend’s blazer.

JP read: This is the sad story of Isaac. Isaac met a girl while he was on holiday and he fell deeply in love. She was just the sweetest woman he had ever known. Before long they slept together and Isaac was the happiest man alive. He didn’t know this girl was HIV-positive. He didn’t realise that she had given him HIV, too. When he came home again, he wrote her a passionate letter. And this is the letter he wrote. “My beautiful Ruby, we only shared one night together. But one night is all it takes . . . ”

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing! That terrible letter was just part of an essay! It wasn’t real at all! Jessica wanted to get up and dance around the classroom. How could she ever have thought that JP would be unfaithful to her? She took her school tie off and tied it round her head, even though she wasn’t allowed to do that at school. She was feeling so good. JP was the greatest boyfriend any girl could have! And life was definitely worth living!

The End.

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