My best day ever 1/5

By Drum Digital
09 February 2015

Sara couldn’t wait to tell her friend Lerato about the new guy she’d met at the library.

Their affair started in the university library, halfway through the first term. Sara always went there to study between lectures. One day she noticed a guy sitting at one of the tables, deeply engrossed in a book.

From time to time he wrote things down in a notebook. She liked what she saw: he was tall, dark and handsome. The next time she went to the library he was there again, in the same place.

This became a habit. every time she got to the library, he was there too. One day she sat down next to him. When he looked up, she smiled. Then she pulled a book out of her bag and started reading from where she had left off the day before.

There was something about him she found very attractive, she had to admit. And since first spotting him a month ago, she’d developed a crush on him and had even begun to hope that he’d make the first move. But he had done absolutely nothing except smile politely. So Sara decided she’d have to make the first move herself. in the privacy of her room at res she had practised her “approach”, which is what she called it.

She had gone over her lines as if she were rehearsing for a play. “hi, my name is Sara, it’s nice to meet you.” She had said it out loud. Then she scrapped the idea, thinking it was boring, ordinary and silly. “Can’t you be more creative?” she scolded herself. how could she get her message across to this quiet, shy man?

She knew he had noticed her because whenever she stood up he looked up – as if he wanted to say something. encouraged by this, Sara decided to take the bull by the horns. her opportunity came the following afternoon.  Sara, sitting next to him, calmly picked up his bag, gave him a look and walked out through the library doors.

After a couple of minutes he followed her and found her sitting on a bench.

To be continued...

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