My best day ever 2/5

By Drum Digital
10 February 2015

Sara couldn’t wait to tell her friend Lerato about the new guy she’d met at the library.

When he sat down next to her, she looked him in the eye and smiled broadly. “You have a nice smile,” he said. “Thanks,” Sara said. “But do you want to know why i took your bag?”

“Because you wanted to get my attention? Or to tell me something? i’m fair game . . . i’ve wanted to talk to you for ages.” “Spot on!” Sara laughed. “So what’s your name?” “Tshepo.”

The conversation went on for two hours until Tshepo said, “Gotta go! i’ve got lots of reading to do since i didn’t get much done this afternoon!” Sara laughed and said, “And whose fault is that?”

“Okay, i’ll take the blame and only this once,” he said. Sara watched as he walked away. She was all smiles. She couldn’t help thinking it had been one of the best days of her life.

She couldn’t wait to get home and share it with her best friend, Lerato, on Facebook. At res, she updated her status: “This must be the best day ever! Speaking to him for the first time felt so great – as if we’d known each other for a long time. And he has such a great sense of humour. His name’s Tshepo Nkabinde – he’s second year Geology.”

Then she chatted to Lerato until it was time for bed. In her diary she wrote down the day’s events and replayed her conversation with Tshepo in her head over and over.

Finally, she fell asleep thinking about him. The next morning, Sara woke up early, still intoxicated by the time she had spent with Tshepo. She called Lerato on her cell.

“Did you look at the time before calling?” her friend squawked. “You and my stupid cousin Jack need some sleeping pills! He woke me up with his singing and now I’ll never get back to sleep!”

“But Lerato, I can’t sleep. You know, I thought it was one of those dreams keep having, but it’s not – or is it, my friend?” “No, it’s not a dream, Sara.

To be continued...

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