My best day ever 4/5

By Drum Digital
12 February 2015

Sara couldn’t wait to tell her friend Lerato about the new guy she’d met at the library.

He stood up, they greeted and then both sat down. “Did you manage to finish the book?” Sara asked. “No, I couldn’t. My mind was preoccupied. A certain someone invaded my thoughts.”

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I couldn’t read either. And the same thing happened to me,” she said, looking at him shyly. Then their cell phones rang at the same time: one new message received.

They checked the messages and simultaneously had puzzled grins on their faces. The conversation continued for a good while. “I must say, Tshepo, you send out the wrong impression of yourself.

I mean – you seem to be this shy and quiet guy, but you’re actually the funny, talkative type.” Her phone rang and she asked, “It’s my friend, can I take it?” “Yes, go ahead.” “Lerato! I was just going to call you . . .” “You’re still coming, are you?” “Oh, God, I didn’t realise the time. But I’m coming,” Sara said. “Has he got big muscles?” “No, are you insane? I can’t say . . .” Lerato laughed and said,

“I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for myself.” “Yes, Lerato – I also want to talk to you about the text you sent me!” “We’ll talk when you get here,” said Lerato, giggling.

When Sara ended the call, Tshepo said, “I have to go, I’m expected at home.” “I’m leaving too,” said Sara. “My friend asked me to come over to her place and meet her family.”

“Is that the Lerato who just called you?” he asked. “Yes, that’s her. She’s my crazy friend – we’ve known each other for a month now. She’s the best.” A taxi came along and they both hopped in.

Sara was new to Joburg and had never been to Lerato’s side of town. She wasn’t sure she was headed the right way but, worried that Tshepo would think she was unsophisticated, she didn’t say a word. As if reading her mind, he asked, “First time?”

“Yeah, but I’m not worried. Lerato’s directions are pretty clear,” she said.

 To be continued...

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