"My father set our whole shack alight" - Ntando Duma

By Drum Digital
30 November 2016

She recalled some horrific times from her childhood during a recent interview

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently, Ntando said even now she "can still remember some of the things that happened" during her her childhood.

Speaking on her father, she said her "father was an alcoholic and used to drink a lot, he was very abusive. The most tragic thing is me and my siblings would often cry because we were seeing him beating our mother, and he would then beat all of us too," Ntando recollected.

"We used to live in a shack in Soweto and one day he (her father) came home really drunk and instead of knocking and asking for us to let him in, he set the whole shack alight. We were inside. We had to call an ambulance and neighbors to help us.

"It was so horrible. We were screaming. My mother threw us all out of the window and then she tried to find a way out for herself," Ntando said.

"My dad was really abusive. And my mother wanted us, as her children, to be away from the whole situation and sent us to live with our grandmother," Ntando explained.

"He passed away in 2008, when I was 13. His family came to look for us to help bury him. We had to go. He was never a human being when he was alive. He was never a father. So I was like 'whatever, let's just go and bury him,'" Ntando added.

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