My mom disapproves of me dating

By Drum Digital
05 November 2015

I’m 26 and a single parent. My relationship with my mother changed when I got pregnant. I have since started dating again, but I feel I’m not giving my current relationship my full attention because my mom doesn’t approve of me dating. ANONYMOUS, SMS

Sis Dolly answers:

Twenty-six is quite old to be under the influence and watchful gaze of your mother, so much that she can impact your life to this extent.

By this stage you should have established a relationship where you’re considered an adult who is capable of making your own decisions and your own mistakes.

Clearly she thinks your pregnancy was a mistake that she can’t live with and she doesn’t trust your judgement. The question is: can she trust your judgement? Can you trust your own judgement?

You can’t seek independence if you’re still behaving like a dependent child. You also can’t convince your mother that your choices and decisions are to be trusted if you don’t trust them yourself.

The pregnancy was clearly an issue too. So if you choose to have sex with your boyfriend, please both take responsibility for your own health and protection.

Make sure that you’re balancing your responsibilities, especially to your child.

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