My son disrespects me

By Drum Digital
28 October 2015

My 12-year-old son is naughty and doesn’t listen to me when I talk to him. He only listens to his father.

Please help. BR, EMAIL

Sis Dolly answers:

You need his father to help you by telling him that he needs to listen to you. You also need his father to model this behaviour - if he’s treating you in a way, your son will copy that behaviour.

Sometimes as mothers we tend to talk a lot, but more words don’t always do the trick. You need to speak once, clearly, and make sure your son understands there are consequences for not listening to you. If you say you’re going to punish him, you need to follow through.

You need to be clear and consistent in your communication. Remember to say what you need to say, ask your son if he’s heard you, get him to repeat it, then confirm that he’s going to do as he’s told.

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