My World Cup tot

By Drum Digital
06 July 2010

SHE’S been the rebellious child star, the pantsula tomboy and – by her own admission – a wild and confused lesbian experimenting with drugs. But these days there’s only one way to describe 26-year-old singer, and that’s as a devoted wife and doting mom.

With just a few weeks to go before her second baby is due, Mshoza, or Miss J as she prefers to be called these days, is the very picture of maternal radiance as she breezes in with her adorable two-year-old daughter, Pride. Dressed in black tights, a matching black tunic and a tan coat, it’s hard to believe the singer is eight months along. She doesn’t look like she’s gained a single kilo, except for her baby bump – and even that is stylishly petite.

“Don’t let the clothes fool you,” she chuckles, adding that she’s taking a bit of strain. “I’m actually quite tired. I didn’t sleep much last night and that’s becoming a regular thing as my due date gets nearer.”

Motherhood clearly suits the former wild child. She can’t take her eyes off her tiny daughter, who’s looking chic in blue tartan print pants and a matching pink bomber jacket, both from exclusive label Burberry. A soft pink scarf and two curly pigtails complete the cute look. The last time we saw the tot was when Mshoza proudly introduced us to her two years ago (My pride and joy, DRUM 12 June 2008) and it’s amazing to see how she’s grown.

“Baba, Baba,” she calls to her dad, businessman Jacob Mnisi, when he runs back to the car to fetch his laptop. Jacob has tagged along for the shoot and his daughter refuses to take another step before her dad returns. Only then does she takes the lead, showing everyone the way to the studio and chatting non-stop to her dad while showing him how she’s going to pose.

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