My worst date ever

By Misha Solanga
14 July 2017

Terrible dates don't only happen on TV

We've all seen a movie or TV series that detailed the events of some terrible dates. But do bad dates happen in real life?

We asked some of our readers about the worst date experiences they've had and needless to say, we had some interesting stories.

Moloko Raphahlelo:

My worse date was when I went to Waterfall Mall with my lady for the first time and I took her to a restaurant. I had known her for four weeks before we went out and instead of sitting at the restaurant, she asked that I get a take away because she was shy and wanted to be in a private place. When I had to pay, I realised that my card had been frozen and worst of all I didn’t have any cash. She noticed that there was a problem with my card and I was so embarrassed.

My date called the person who was assisting me and paid the bill. She told the waiter to tell me that there was a problem with their machine and that the food was paid. I only found out two months later that she made the payments.

I got really lucky that my date was understanding and had brought money along, I thought of running but I decided to stick it out with her and see if she would say anything. Everything worked out for me even after the terrible date and we are still together, in it for the long haul. If you have a terrible date, don’t run away or avoid the person afterwards because you never know, it might actually work out.

KhayOlumiyo Lubuzo (Facebook name):

I was invited on a date by this guy and when we got to the restaurant he ordered water. Yes, water. So I ordered a full meal for myself. When the bill came, he said he forgot his bank card at home.

I ended up paying for my meal on our first date. Then the last straw, he asked me for taxi fare because his car was in for a service. I was so annoyed. I ended up dropping him at his house and blocked his number on my phone. I haven't spoken to him since. That was the worst date ever.

If you ever thought that terrible dates only happen on TV, our readers have just proven it can happen in real life too.

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