Mzansi Magic suspends crew member in Florence Masebe incident

By Drum Digital
11 May 2016

The crew member who was involved in the racist incident Florence Masebe posted about on social media yesterday has been suspended.

In a statement Mzansi Magic who produce the show Ring of lies said they are investigating the matter.

“Mzansi Magic has been in contact with the Ring of Lies cast and production company‚ Penguin Films‚ regarding the incident that took place onset involving two production crew members. An investigation is being undertaken and appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that the situation is resolved. Mzansi Magic and Penguin Films strongly condemn any acts of discrimination and encourage a fair working environment based on mutual respect," Spokesperson Nondumiso Macebe said in the statement.

"Production is ongoing and has not been halted. All of the cast members are on set‚ as is the director‚ but the art director that is said to have been involved in the incident is not on set. That is the decision made by the production company," Macebe added in the statement.

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