Mzansi's YouTube Comedy Sensations

By Misha Solanga
06 July 2017

If you don't know these five, you have really been missing out

There is nothing better than seeing South Africans grow into their own and make it in front of our eyes and make us laugh along the way. The following people are our favorite South Africans who make us laugh on YouTube.

Thenjiwe Moseley

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Thenjiwe Moseley is a KwaMashu born comedian but actually studied law. She is truly a comedy sensation and has a subscription of 15,000 on YouTube. Thenjiwe’s videos just like the other Moshe and Lasizwe are relative to South Africans and are a funny depiction of her values and social opinions.  She often performs different characters in isiZulu, which cracks us all the way up.

Here's one of Thenjiwe's videos.

Moshe Ndiki

moshe ndiki

Where does one even begin with Moshe, his videos took South Africans by storm. He is known for his funny videos where he is just being himself and making us laugh. Using his life and all that he goes through from boyfriend troubles to not having money for rent, everything is comedic fair game with Moshe. He has a following of 11,359 subscribers on YouTube and 67,549 on Facebook.

Here's one of Moshe's video's.

Thulasizwe Dambuza

Image: Instagram/lasizwe Image: Instagram/lasizwe

Better known as Laziwe or uBabes Wamaleyvels by his fans. Lasizwe is an 18 year old who has made his mark on YouTube with his funny videos depicting various types of scenarios with South African stereotypes from how mothers react to how South Africans speak. From Facebook videos to a YouTube channel with 3 000 subscribers and 138,048 on Facebook.

Watch Lasizwe do his thing.

Hosana "Yes Fash" Ngobese

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Fash started his comedy run in 2014 but was not very successful but in 2015 he became serious and devoted himself to making his funny videos. Some of his videos are about his family and he says are based on true stories. He is currently studying film at AFDA and has a successful YouTube channel with 2,082 subscribers and 293,615 on Facebook.

Watch Yes Fash.

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