Nas' love for Ghostbusters style

By Drum Digital
23 May 2016

Nas used the movie Ghostbusters as inspiration for his latest clothing collection for label HSTRY as it fits in with his brand's theme.

The U.S. rapper is well known for his music, but his creativity extends to clothing too and now he has teamed up with French boutique colette, to bring the '80s film to his HSTRY clothing line.

As well as channelling the 1984 comedy for his clothing, he also extended the Ghostbusters theme to his new range of eyewear for The Ghostbusters Collection presented by sunglasses company Italia Independent and Nas.

“Everybody loves Ghostbusters and HSTRY is about taking on history, whether it's joining movies or people that I personally like and love, and bringing that message back through the clothes,” he told Billboard. “Whatever I felt was a big moment for me, I like to see it in my HSTRY clothes. If it's history to me, HSTRY clothes will represent it. Plus, Ghostbusters is something that we all loved growing up.”

The 42-year-old insists you don’t have to know the Bill Murray movie to appreciate what he’s doing, and adds that HSTRY is about teaching people new things.

“It's important that the stuff I wear represents things that people don't know. If you know about it, that's cool, but more often than not, my stuff will celebrate unsung heroes, people you don't know,” he said.

Nas hit the music scene in the late ’80s, though didn’t release his first album, Illmatic, until 1994. He’s always been big on the style scene, and despite a lot of the trends from back in the day dying out, retro fashion had a big impact on a young Nas.

“For me, it started with sneakers, then the clothes, and then the headband, sweat suit, and the nameplate chain, name buckle and all of that,” he recalled. “I was an '80s kid so that was the moment for me.

"That moment still lives in me every day so today, some of the brands are different, some of the brands didn't survive, but there was so much was happening in the '80s time period in New York City, and I just soaked it all in.” © Cover Media

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