Natasha Thahane vs. ‘black twitter’

By Drum Digital
09 December 2016

Natasha Thahane, posted a video on Instagram which may be a way to silence her ‘haters’ on twitter after this morning’s twar between her and a fan.

By Salome Tsoka

Former Skeem Saam actress,

In the video, Natasha simply walks around while Emtee’s Umuntu Omnyama song plays in the background.

The song basically talks about black people not wanting to see other black people not wanting to succeed.  

The actress got into it with twitter user @JustKholii after he noticed that she no longer posted pictures of her and her boyfriend on Instagram.

He and his followers questioned whether Natasha may be dating hip hop artist A-Reece or whether she was still with Bohlale Makgolane. Natasha’s responses on twitter did not sit well with @JustKholii and the rest of ‘black twitter’.

But, some of Natasha’s fans supported her

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