Nation in Conversation – Mitigating Risk (at Nampo, Bothaville)

By Drum Digital
23 May 2016

A fascinating snippet from a special discussion on mitigating the risk factors of agriculture from Nampo’s Nation in Conversation panel discussions.

The Nation in Conversation panel discussion at the Nampo agricultural show in Bothaville serve as a platform for opening dialogue around  issues in agriculture in South Africa, where a variety of specialists and experts will discuss the concerns in their field. See snippets of these fascinating talks on, or visit Nation in Conversation YouTube channel for more.

Dr Mmatlou Kalaba (International Trade Economist, UP) discuss the Mitigating Risk factors of agriculture with Kit Barron (Sr Strategy Manager: The Climate Corporation), John Hudson (Divisional Manager Agric:  Nedbank Business Banking), Jason Brantley (MD: John Deere) and Mike Stead (Manager:  Commercial Fuels, Engen).

Click here to watch the full episode and more on the Nation in Conversation YouTube channel.

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