Neethling denies drug claims

By Drum Digital
11 April 2012

Olympic gold medalist Ryk Neethling has denied claims by his former girlfriend that they abused drugs while dating, the Times reported on Wednesday.

"It should be noted that international athletes are subjected to frequent random drug tests in and out of competition," he said.

"I passed every one of the close on 200 blood and urine tests I did during my career."

His ex-girlfriend Amanda Beard alleged during the promotion of her autobiography 'In the Water They Can't See You Cry' that ecstasy, cocaine and acid were taken during a two-month stay in South Africa where she met his family.

She also claimed in the book that there were times when she could not handle their "loud screaming mean fights" and would resort to self-mutilation.

The pair met at the University of Arizona where she was a freshman and Neethling was a senior. They began dating in 1999.

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