Neighbours feel left out of Malema wedding

By Drum Digital
27 December 2014

Stylish guests in luxury vehicles pull up to the double storey house at the corner of Bolero Street in Seshego, Zone 1 in Polokwane.

By Ayanda Sitole & Nomzamo Ngcobo

Today is the wedding of well-known political leader Julius Malema and his long-time friend Mantwa Matlala.

Condo Malete (30) is Mantwa's neighbour. He didn't get an invitation to the wedding so he sits under a tree and watches the glamorous guests pass by.

"Mantwa is a beautiful girl; I've known her since we were children," he says, “she’s very shy and only opens up to people she knows."

He says Malema is well known in the neighbourhood and has been seen paying a visit to the Matlala family for many years.

"I would see his car come in and out of Mantwa's house since he was the president of the youth league. I admired him but I didn't know he was dating her," He says.

Today he is surprised to see guests dressed in their finest clothing to attend their wedding.

"I saw the tent being put up a few days ago. I knew there would be an occasion but I didn't expect this," he adds.

Matale says although he is not a supporter of the EFF. He likes Malema's personality and considers him to be an all-round great guy.

"Malema's home is a few blocks from here,  he used to be a regular guy like the rest of us who grew up here. Now he's a very powerful leader, many people in our neighbourhood revere him," he says.

While guests make their way through the gates that lead to the Matlala home, Condo watches on wishing he could take part in the celebrations.

But, six butch security guards wearing red ties, which is the colour for the EFF, scan every outsider who tries to make their way through.

One security guard told the DRUM team that taking pictures is not allowed and ordered us to stop doing so.

Neighbours have also been ordered by security guards not to climb on top of their walls to try and see activities inside the venue where the wedding is taking place.

One neighbour who wants to remain anonymous tells DRUM, "Mantwa is a nice person and she is young. We are happy for them but we wish they invited us, we would have loved to see what is happening inside."

Another neighbour adds, "They said they couldn't invite the whole township."

The message is clear: Those who are not invited will have to brave the cold weather watching in anticipation and hoping to get in.

As minutes go by and the crowd of spectators grows on the streets. It seems the invitation will never come.

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