New app automatically texts your girlfriend

By Drum Digital
27 February 2014

A new app aims to allow users to spend more time with their 'bros' by sending automated messages to their girlfriends.

The BroApp, which is available in the Android Play Store, allows users to send a series of automated lovey dovey messages.

Australian developers Factorial Products Ltd. describe the app as "smart" and a key way of "maximising your relationship".

But it's not clear with it's stunningly sexist - or a clever parody.

Users are asked to type in their girlfriend's name and number when they first download the app, and after that it's up to them to write the messages.

The app even detects when the user is at his girlfriend's house by identifying her WiFi network, and doesn't send any messages then - which would blow the whole cover.

It also detects when the user has messaged his girlfriend in real time, or she has messaged him, and cancels any pre-written texts to avoid arousing suspicion.

Finally, there is a 'Girlfriend Intrusion Detector', which the developers claim will send any inquisitive girlfriends to a list of gifts the user was planning to buy her if she tries to get into BroApp.

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