New business and social app available

By Drum Digital
24 November 2016

A new mobile app developed and launched in South Africa, can instantly put you in touch people for business or social activities


For example, if you are a talented professional or a client, (give tax advice, want to learn yoga or find a running partner), the app can match you with relevant people, ranking them according to your goals (the services or skills you need, or that you can provide to others) along with social and geographic proximity.

“Finding skilled workers and service providers consumes time and social capital for everyone. By letting you instantly tap the networks of everyone you know in a personalised way, the app makes the whole process incredibly simple and quick, and does so in a way that respects the privacy of all parties involved,” says co-founder, Ashvin Sologar.

The Kalido app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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