Night time hair care

By Drum Digital
01 April 2014

Before you go to bed.

Part of a healthy hair routine includes night-time care. It's harder to maintain healthy tresses if you don't take a few minutes to prepare your hair before bed.

Wrap It: Relaxed or flat-ironed hair gets a lot of benefit from wrapping at night. It keeps your hair smooth and tangle-free. It may take some practice to get a wrapping routine down, but once you master it, you can always rely on this simple technique for keeping your hair in place at night. Use a silky head scarf to wrap your hair, this will minimize night time breakage.

Braid It: Do you have long and/or natural hair? If so, try plaiting your hair before going to bed. The braids don’t have to look pretty, and they also shouldn’t be too tight. They should just hold your hair together while you sleep. Not only will this protect your hair from breakage during the night, your hair will also have great volume and body when you undo the braids in the morning.

Tip: You don't have to look shabby when going to bed with a headscarf on. Shop around for some pretty silk headscarf's. Remember to wash them regularly as well.

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