Nina's Big Lie 2/3

By Drum Digital
23 January 2014

Nina's lie is exposed. What is she going to do?

When the day dawned for me to meet Thabo, I took ages getting ready. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and reality smacked me in my face. The truth was right there and he would see it!

And it was not what he would be expecting. I just knew that it would end badly – he’d get angry and embarrass me in public.

I had lied to him for so long that I had agreed to meet him, forgetting who I really was. It was all such a bad idea. But I wanted to meet him so badly that desire took over my rational side.

So there I was, sitting in an Italian restaurant with sweaty palms and a pounding heart.

A woman came up to me. “Excuse me . . . can I have your autograph and perhaps a photo with you too?”

Smiling, I did as she asked.

After I’d been sitting there for a while the waiter approached my table. “Madam, you’ve been waiting for some time now. Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to get you anything – or something for your bodyguards?”

“Thank you, I’d like a cappuccino,” I replied, not even too sure what I was saying.

The waiter left and I looked at my phone again – there were no texts, no missed calls and now it was 2.15 pm.

He always said that he hated being late so why was he late now? Did something happen to him, did he chicken out – or worse, did he find out the truth about me and couldn’t even bear the thought of asking me why I had lied to him?

I would have preferred for him to pitch up, even if he was livid. At least it would be far better than sitting alone, with people staring at me.

By this stage I was in turmoil, not able to think straight or control my emotions. I was going mad, just sitting there, not knowing where he was or whether he would actually come at all.

I was ready to take whatever punishment would be handed out to me. But I hated not knowing what was going on.

I sipped my cappuccino and then gave in to an impulse. I paid the waiter, grabbed my bag and headed for the door of the restaurant.

“Nina! Nina . . . ”

Suddenly the voice I had been longing to hear was in my ears! But I was seized by panic and kept on walking. My heartbeat was on a race to nowhere. Right there and then I was determined to carry on walking but as I reached the door, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Nina, it’s Thabo! I’m sorry I’m so late.”

And as I turned towards him, he let go of my shoulder and looked at me with shock on his face.

“You’re . . . ”

Before he could finish his sentence, I did it for him. “Nina. I’m the Nina you’ve been talking to.”

“But you are . . .”

I didn’t say anything to fill the silence. It was bad enough as it was. In all the photos he had seen of me, I usually had sunglasses on, or my hair was in my face or I was looking away. The photos were never clear enough to show him that I was Nina Nubela, the famous singer and actress.

I hadn’t told him the truth because I didn’t want him to fall in love with my famous name and public persona but with the real me.

“How could you lie to me? For months on end! I thought . . . never mind what I thought! How can a person so respected and well-known lie to someone they claim to love, day in and day out? It goes to show you’re really a great actress! The performance is worthy of an Oscar!”

His eyes were burning with emotion. And my soul shrivelled inside me. I knew that I was about to burst into tears, and bit my lip. Everyone in the restaurant was listening to our conversation and watching the shock on my face.

-by Tshenolo Molaphene

To be continued...

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