Nina's Big Lie 3/3

By Drum Digital
24 January 2014

Is there a chance for him for forgive her?

Thabo stormed out before I could explain the reasons for my big lie. He was gone in seconds and left me standing there, stunned, in the middle of the restaurant, with dozens of people staring at me.

I pulled myself together, held my head up high and managed to walk out and get into the car. My driver took me home.

The tears were ready to fall but I held myself together until I got to the privacy of my bedroom.

I felt so humiliated. As I replayed every emotion I had felt, the pain that sliced through me as Thabo walked away was indescribable.

Stupid girl! What on earth was I thinking? That he would see me, the very famous girl and not be slightly moved by such news and just carry on?

That we would get over the lie and move on merrily with our lives?

Clearly, I’d been foolish to imagine that it would happen.

I now had the title of being the famous liar of an actress.

Two days later I got a text from Julia, my best friend: “Nina, you can’t honestly have fallen for this guy – normal, average, unknown – and not let him know about your fame and fortune?

“It’s so sad – and on top of it all it seems as if you’ve broken his heart! Now he’s relying on me to sort out his emotional issues. He’s been pouring his heart out for the past two days!

Really, girlfriend, you owe me big-time!”

What could I say? The days passed and I stayed in bed.

My heart was sore. All I wanted to do was lie there, sleep and feel nothing. Sleep was so much better. No drama, no emotions there.

Two weeks went by and then four. Thabo didn’t reply to my messages or calls.

Then, I forced myself to put that part of my life behind me.

That was until Sunday afternoon. As I went down the stairs to go out jogging, there he was, just standing.

Looking a lot worse than hell itself. “Nina, being famous doesn’t matter. It’s you I want. The person I built a relationship with over all that time. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t tell me the truth about yourself.

I respect that you didn’t, because I fell in love with your soul, not your fame or money. Not being in touch has been hell. Please forgive me.”

“Oh, Thabo! I am so sorry that I lied to you,” I said.

But before I could finish my sentence, he took my face in both hands, looked at me and said, “I could use a girl in my life right now – and she’s you.”

And right there he slowly planted a gentle kiss on my forehead and then lifted my lips to meet his.

-by Tshenolo Molaphene

The end.

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