Nkandla: At home with Philani Mavundla

By Drum Digital
14 November 2014

National outrage over Nkandla? No problem. Businessman Philani Mavundla has offered ?to foot the bill.

 We pay a visit to Philani Mavundla's 16-bedroom Greytown home, which is filled with artwork that he’s collected during his travels. The lavish Tuscan-style home boasts an array of water features and was constructed by the mogul himself. Tycoon Mavundla has an interesting choice of names for his properties.

Mavundla has been in the news since he started a campaign to raise funds to pay for President Jacob Zuma’s Kwadakwadunuse residence in Nkandla, with the hope that the controversy surrounding  Zuma’s use of public funds to upgrade his residence would be put to bed once and for all.

Mavundla’s luxury lodge –which is used to host conferences, functions and weddings --is called Propaganda Lodge.

His resort style-home is called Nxangingaphila (“if I were to survive”).

He explains his unusual choice of the names of the two properties to DRUM.

“A lot of things were said about me in Greytown during the tim when I was building ANC structures. It was even alleged that I was paying amaKhosi R50 000 to support the ANC and this was the reason why Inkosi (Mangosuthu) Buthelezi lost his position as a leader of the traditional house in KZN

“This was taken to court and the man who made the allegations failed to prove (them) and he was sued. It was also said that I was a chance-taker out of all my promises nothing was going to come of it. And this was clear propaganda to discredit me hence the Propaganda was named (that way)and my home eMatimatolo was named Nxangingaphila as there were times when attempts were made on my life.”

Read DRUM to find out why Mavundla has written to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela asking her to quantify the portion of money Zuma should refund the state, and why he thinks it’s his duty as a businessman to help a politician in need.

Read more about the businessman in the 20 November 2014 issue of DRUM.

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