No callbacks for Sis Ribs

By Drum Digital
10 June 2016

Despite her unmeasured success in the gospel industry, Rebecca Malope’s desire to be an actress has never panned out. Here’s why

By Nhlanhla Ndaba

For years she’s been hinting at plans to release a movie about her life, and that she’ll be venturing into acting.

But Rebecca Malope, affectionately known as Sis Ribs, has not released a movie nor has she bagged any television roles. When we bump into the gospel stalwart and television presenter in Zimbabwe, she reveals the real reasons why she has not made it as an actress.

“I love acting, but people don’t hire me because they say I am too expensive,” she tells us. But when we ask how much “too expensive” is, she refuses to say and claims it’s “private and confidential”.

Read more in the 16 June issue of DRUM.

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