No fairytale ending for us ...

By Drum Digital
17 May 2013

Generations actress Winnie Modise sets the record straight about separating from her husband Thabo and moving out of their home

Theirs has often been  considered one of Mzansi’s more stable marriages and they always seemed very much in love – even after 11 years together. But sadly it seems soapie queen Winnie Modise and husband Thabo just weren’t meant to be.

They really did look like the perfect couple. Thabo was the doting cameraman husband who only had eyes for his gorgeous, talented, actress wife but just like Winnie herself says, “Nobody knows the heat in my kitchen but me.”

Winnie (37) isn’t her normal bubbly self – she’s subdued and there’s no mistaking the pain in her eyes. We’re sitting in the cosy Generations offices, surrounded by glamorous magazine covers and pictures of happy, smiling stars, something Winnie clearly doesn’t feel.

And judging by her hesitant start as she tries to find an answer to a question as simple as “How are you doing?”, she’s clearly in a lot of pain. She takes a deep, calming breath before plunging in.

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