No female friends for Mary J Blige's husband

By Drum Digital
18 November 2014

Mary J. Blige recently opened up about how she and husband of 11 years, Kendu Isaacs, have made it through the rough terrain of maintaining a happy marriage.

According to a reporot by, among their tactics is each making sure the other has no friends of the opposite sex — Kendu is only permitted to socialise and hang out with other men, while Mary respectfully does the same with other women.

“All females for me, all guys for him,” she says, sternly. “There’s none of that, ‘Oh, that’s my female friend. Oh, that’s my guy friend.’ No. Not in a marriage, I’ve never seen that work.”

But being a wife has changed her in ways she didn’t expect she told Stella Magazine:. “Being a single person and an artist, there’s a lot of selfishness that you don’t even know you have,” she says. “Being a wife, it’s not all about me.”

The couple will celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary next month.


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