No more split ends

By Drum Digital
11 December 2013

Fighting off those split ends.

Grooming your hair can become quite a challenge if you don’t always have time to go to the salon. Sometimes the pockets get empty mid-month and we end up not affording to visit the hair stylist.

So what do you do then to treat those nagging split ends? Fear not, we have a few solutions up our sleeve!

1. Get a dedicated shampoo Shampoos for stressed hair, rinses and hair treatments provide hair with ample nutrients. This keeps split ends in line at least until the next time you wash your hair.

2. Coat your split ends Special treatments for split ends contain silicon oil, which will cover split ends with a filmy coating. This will temporarily repair the damaged ends and as a result, your locks will look healthier. Just remember not to use the split end treatment after every shampoo wash. Rather go for treatment every three washes.

3. Trim your hair A lot of women fear that trimming their splits means their hair gets shorter every time. But if you don’t trim it you’ll end up with plenty of dead hair in any case. Trimming the ends by about one centimetre every eight to ten weeks is a good idea because your hair will still grow.

4. Use the right comb or brush If you have to deal with split ends on a regular basis then you definitely need high quality tools to use on your hair. Steer clear from cheap combs with burrs or brushes with metal bristles. Rather use brushes with natural bristles and combs made of real horn or wood.

Enjoy your luscious split ends free locks!

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