No one-night stands

By Drum Digital
05 March 2014

Some women get annoyed if a man says no on principle to a one-night stand.

Your chommies may think you’re some freak of nature for refusing a onenighter but more and more men are beginning to say no to casual sex.

The reasons are obvious: the dangers of fathering kids with a total stranger and the chance of picking up all sorts of horrible sexually transmitted diseases.

Besides, casual sex loses its mystery and lustre after you’re done and she’s still there in the morning.

All you can think of is how to get rid of her before sunrise so the neighbours don’t see yet another woman leaving your place and start believing you’re a man-whore. And the contrived, awkward pillowtalk . . . let’s not even go down that embarrassing road.

A one-night stand may also lead to a relationship you don’t want to have – one you feel trapped in because you had sex and now she won’t leave you alone.

And if you’re already involved with someone else it may make you needlessly question that stable relationship and see flaws in it that don’t exist.

Other men may mistake one night of passion for feelings associated with romantic love that really don’t exist – it’s exciting and spontaneous and passionate.

But is it really? when you all you want to do afterwards is get rid of her as quickly as possible?

Some women get annoyed if a man says no on principle to a one-night stand, whereas they should actually respect a guy who refuses to use them for sex only. Beware the jilted would-be lover.

They have a way of turning things around and making you feel like an unadventurous coward who doesn’t have the balls to have sex on the sly.

In short, mfethu, don’t let your friends mistake your reluctance to hit on every woman you come across with an inability to score.

Instead of letting their snide comments make you feel like a loser, tell them the truth – that you’re not interested in easy sex.

What they’ll never tell you is that a one-nighter is usually too drunk to enjoy their company after she’s insisted they pay for her drinks all night.

Or that she turns out to be a desperate stalker who scares them half to death.

Tell your chommies you’re not interested in someone stupid enough to jump the bones of a man she hardly knows. It’s not worth risking your health for.

-Bra Lucas

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