No regrets for Sophie Ndaba

By Drum Digital
15 June 2012

It was a true fairytale wedding with an added touch of mystery. Her love life has always been the talk of the town both on and off screen, and when she finally got her wedding, fans, friends and family were excited for their beloved Queen.

Sophie Ndaba, who plays the character of Queen in Generations, was full of surprises on the day. the guests had gathered for a thanksgiving event in the lavish gardens of summer Place in Hyde Park.

The heavenly melodies of Joyous Celebration and Keke Phoofolo thanking God for all His blessings echoed through the pristine gardens before Sophie announced that she was actually getting married.

Sophie’s favourite song, Jennifer Hudson’s Giving Myself to You, started playing and amazed guests could hardly contain their excitement as a tall, gorgeous man in a beige suit strolled down the aisle.

No one knew Keith Harrington but he was a man of God, a bishop, and their union must surely have been blessed in heaven. The beautiful Sophie floated down the aisle in a dazzling white body-hugging dress designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee and a beaming smile on her face.

Never before in Mzansi had we witnessed a secret wedding planned to the tee by a bride well known for planning exorbitant weddings.

It made this special day even more exciting. the mood in the star-studded venue was frenzied – family ululated and cellphones flashed as everyone tried to capture the moment.

“I was very excited and also nervous. It was a beautiful day,” smiles Sophie as she remembers her wedding day almost six months ago.

June is her birthday month and Sophie had expected to celebrate her birthday with her husband for the first time this year but, she says, “It was just not meant to be.”


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