No SONA tickets for public – Presidency

By Drum Digital
03 February 2016

The Presidency on Tuesday announced that there are not enough tickets to accommodate all  those interested in attending the State of the Nation Adress (Sona) in Cape Town next week.

"The Presidency is inundated by enquiries each year around this time, from members of the public and stakeholders who want to attend the Sona session," it said in a statement.

President Jacob Zuma will attend the session as a guest of the presiding officers of parliament.

Parliament gives the Presidency 40 tickets for the president's use each year. The Presidency uses 20 tickets to invite key stakeholders and people who will be mentioned in the Sona. The other 20 go to guests of the deputy president.

"The Presidency has, in previous years, organised an overflow viewing area at the president's Cape Town office, Tuynhuys, for stakeholders which included invitations to the Sona banquet which is hosted by Parliament.

"The Presidency will regrettably not be able to invite overflow guests this year due to the depressed economic climate."

Source: News24

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