No South Africans on board missing flight - Egypt Air

By Drum Digital
19 May 2016

No South Africans were on board the EgyptAir flight that disappeared while travelling from Paris to Cairo on Thursday morning.

Johannesburg –

The international relations and co-operation department said it was still not able to verify if any South Africans were on the flight, but according to a tweet by EgyptAir, no South Africans were on board.

The airline reported that EgyptAir A320 aircraft flight number MS804 had lost contact with radar above the Mediterranean Sea about 280km from the Egyptian coast at 02:30 [local time], just before the flight was expected to arrive at Cairo airport at 03:15.

The airline had earlier said that it lost contact with the aircraft about 50km from the coastline.

According to the airline, a total of 56 passengers and 10 flight crew members were on board the flight and that they had provided necessary services for family members of the passengers.

"EGYPTAIR has hosted the passengers' families near to Cairo Airport and has provided doctors, translators and all the necessary services to the passengers' family members during their stay at Cairo Airport."

The passengers' nationalities, according to EgyptAir were as follows:

- 15 French

- 30 Egyptian

- 1 British

- 1 Belgium

- 2 Iraqis

- 1 Kuwaiti

- 1 Saudi

- 1 Sudanese

- 1 Chadian

- 1 Portuguese

- 1 Algerian

- 1 Canadian

Source: News24

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