No winner in Gauteng's metros

By Drum Digital
06 August 2016

There's not outright victor in Gauteng's three metros, despite a fiercely contested election.

By Brenda Sekgota

The Democratic Alliance is leading in Tshwane, with 43,11, while the African National Congress is in second place with 41, 22%.

The ANC is leading in Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg, although counting is yet to be completed in Johannesburg.

The EFF, which was contesting its first municipal polls, is the third largest party. Both the ANC and the DA need it as a coalition partner to run many of the hung municipalities.

While the DA see the local government elections outcomes as a success story, the ANC is likely to go back to the drawing board and also do some much-needed introspection.

“We feel that as the ANC we must go back and reflect and reclaim lost ground,” says ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

He says further more than a million voters didn't cast their ballots in Gauteng and blames this for the party's worst performance ever.

“If majority cannot vote, minority becomes a majority, supporters must come out in numbers and vote, it all comes down to votes,” says Kodwa.

Kodwa confirms that the party has already started with formal negotiations with smaller parties, which are different in three different metros.

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