Nomsa's nuptials (2/5)

By Drum Digital
26 August 2014

My model sister’s elaborate lies finally caught up with her – on her wedding day.

I snatched the newspaper from him. “This isn’t my sister,” I said. Although I knew it was Nomsa, I had to save my family’s honour. How could she do this to us? “You’re lying,”

Peter said. “She might have changed her name but this is definitely the same Nomsa I grew up with.” Peter snatched the newspaper back. “Hey, guys, check this out! Look at how our people’s daughters are making money in the big city.” All the men gathered around the newspaper to enjoy Nomsa’s seductive pose. I had to escape.

I bought a copy of the newspaper and rushed home to show Ma and Pa what their daughter was up to. “Oh my goodness! What was your daughter thinking, appearing naked in this newspaper?” Father exclaimed. “She is not naked!”

Mother said defensively “She’s wearing a two-piece swimming costume. Give her a break! That’s what most models throughout the world do.” “Modelling?” Father asked angrily. “She’s parading herself for anyone to see. No daughter of mine should show herself off almost naked. Is this what you taught her? Is this why she doesn’t want to come home – because her job is embarrassing?”

I immediately regretted showing my parents the picture. My mother stormed out of the room and I knew the two wouldn’t talk to each other for the rest of the day. From that time onwards we kept seeing Nomsa’s pictures in papers and magazines. In some of the photographs she was dressed decently and in some she wore skimpier clothes.

Then the scandals started. “Top model gets boob job,” screamed one newspaper headline. “Why did she have to do that?” Mother moaned. “Why can’t she appreciate the chest she was born with? The money for the operation would have bought us food for a few months. The city has really gone to her head.” Gradually, Nomsa completely changed her looks.

She had her lips and nose enhanced by plastic surgery, all in the name of beauty. “Top model Nomsa wrecks marriages!” Another daily paper went into embarrassing details of Nomsa’s two affairs with wealthy, married men old enough to be her grandfather. “These newspapers lie,” my mom sobbed as she tore the paper in shreds.

“They want to bring my daughter down because they are jealous of her success. She has done nothing wrong.” When the scandals broke I stopped telling people I had a sister who was a famous model. I felt relieved that Nomsa was using a different surname. We never featured in her interviews and for once I was grateful for that.

Then six months after the married men scandal, Nomsa’s name was in another headline. “Nomsa to marry young tycoon!” The article showed Nomsa with a big smile in the arms of a man in his late twenties, dressed like a rap star. The paper stated that the wedding would take place in a few days. We were not even invited.

To be continued...

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