Nomsa's nuptials (5/5)

By Drum Digital
29 August 2014

My model sister’s elaborate lies finally caught up with her – on her wedding day.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Nomsa’s family and their unique presents!”

When Nomsa realised we’d gate-crashed her wedding she stared at us in surprise and disgust. She took an involuntary step back in her very high heels and lost her balance.

One spiked heel dug into the grass and she fell onto the huge, elaborate wedding cake. The trestle table it was on collapsed, showering Nomsa with icing and the little bride and groom figures from the top tier.

Mother dropped her chicken cage and ran to Nomsa’s side. I put down the goat I’d been carrying and followed. Other people also ran forward as Nomsa, whose snow-white gown was soiled with grass and cake, lay there in tears.

Then she fainted. The young goat ran wildly through the crowd of smartly dressed guests. Somewhere a woman screamed and I heard a deep, booming laugh.

In the midst of the commotion I picked up the miniature bride and groom figurines. They were made of sugar, and as I bit into them, I felt sorry for my sister.

She was slowly regaining consciousness, with a crowd of people around her.

I was sad – but also so happy that Nomsa’s lies had finally caught up with her.

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