Nonhle says 'chill'

By Drum Digital
17 November 2014

The deal had no money- Nonhle

After being dropped by the Madison shoe brand over the remarks she made about women in Botswana, it seems Nonhle is unfazed. The television personality went on twitter after many of her fans were asking what happened with the Madison deal and she tweeted; "The truth is my Madison shoes endorsement I never got paid... I just got shoes... So chil, the deal had no money" Looking at the tweet Nonhle's isn't at all remorseful about what she said or losing the deal it seems? Or could she just getting back to her 2011 twitter melt down that had her having twars with many celebrities. Unfazed Nonhle tweeted late Sunday evening; "I AM a Phoenix. ....I RISE...!"

Will see how it all pens out.

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