Ntando Duma responds to questions about the ring on her finger

By Drum Digital
08 November 2016

After she posted pictures of her and something that resembles an engagement ring it went without saying that it would cause a stir

The ring on Ntando Duma's hand has stirred a lot of questions of late

After she posted pictures of what seemed like an engagement ring, the followers of the television personality wanted to know if she was getting married anytime soon.

She has confirmed that the ring is in fact not an engagement ring, rather something she bought for herself as a sign of commitment to herself.

Image: Duma Ntando Instagram Image: Duma Ntando Instagram

Speaking to TshisaLive, Ntando said that she never felt the need to explain herself to people, and even when asked 'by people' if she's getting married, she simply replied saying its not their place to know.

"This is my first time explaining this ring to the media. I bought this ring for R80 at Eldo. I put it on and took pictures with it and people were like 'oh! You are getting married' and I was like 'this is none of your business'. I never feel like I have to explain myself to people. But, yes, I was alone. I bought it for myself. I bought it to signal that I am getting married to myself and my career. It is a symbol of a commitment to myself," she explained.

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